White Gold Diamond Cross Ring

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Experience the stunning elegance and brilliance of our White Gold Diamond Cross Ring. Crafted with 14kt white gold and adorned with beautifully arranged diamonds, this ring is a true symbol of faith and sophistication.

  • White Gold Diamond Cross Ring
  • 14kt White Gold
  • 0.09ct Diamond Pave
  • Cross Ring

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Despite their hardness as natural stones, diamonds remain relatively sensitive and warrant careful handling. A forceful impact or collision with a hard surface can result in the diamond cracking and, in some cases, becoming dislodged from its setting. Therefore, it is essential to handle diamonds with care to prevent such potential damage.

Emeralds, being natural gemstones renowned for their inclusions, invariably possess some imperfections even in the case of high-grade specimens. Due to the inherent softness of emeralds, a forceful impact or collision with a hard surface may lead to cracking and possible dislodgment from the setting.

We strongly advise obtaining insurance for your jewelry. This precautionary measure enables you to establish safeguards, providing the option to either replace your jewelry or recover its monetary value in the event of loss or damage.