Nouvelle Vie

Jewelry Repurposing

Dust off your family jewels and give them a 'New Life' by up-cycling them into a new piece that's perfect for you!

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Review it

We begin the process by inspecting your jewelry to make sure all gems and diamonds are in good condition to be worked on

Design it

Next, we discuss your vision, options, and budget and sketch out a design or create a 3D rendering for you

Create it

Everything we do is created by hand and made with the utmost care. We look over every detail to ensure your piece meets our luxury quality requirements

Cherish it

Receive your jewelry wholly transformed into the piece of your dreams and with its same sentimental value

Miami's finest craftsmanship

How it's done...

"My experience with H&H is more emotional than anything else. I remember going to H's previous shop as a little girl to get my first 'big girl earrings' -a pair of gold hoops with pearls- after graduating from the baby emerald studs he made for me as a newborn. It's almost like H has been there to commemorate each milestone whether he realizes it or not. The mere fact that he designed my mother's engagement ring and was a part of that moment for my parents, makes the jewelry he designs to mark my future that much more salient given the fact that she passed three years ago. I wouldn't have anyone else transform pieces of such sentimental value or create new ones that hold just as much meaning. For me, this necklace makes me feel powerful and beautiful; reminding me that even in the most difficult of times, life will always find a way of giving you some sparkle. "

-Ariel S.

Excellent Craftsmanship

We take great pride in our jeweler's fine work. Their craft is becoming a lost art in a world consumed by mass production. With us, no detail goes overlooked, and no nook or cranny goes unpolished!

Dedicated Service 

A member of our team works with you one-on-one to figure out every detail of your design and follows up with you through the process even after completing your item.

Incredible Results

Your family jewels no longer need to sit hidden away, unworn and unappreciated. They now have a 'Nouvelle Vie' with your creative touch and can be loved and acknowledged for generations to come.

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