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Paola boasts an impressive 18-year tenure at H&H, having dedicated her entire career to the industry. Her qualifications include the coveted Diamond Essential certification from G.I.A.

Paola's personal style is a blend of classic elegance, effortlessly transitioning from casual to glamorous. She holds a particular fondness for necklaces among her favorite types of jewelry.

Her professional attributes include being highly organized, punctual, and refreshingly straightforward in her approach.



Jasmine's commitment to H&H spans an impressive 18 years, accumulating a remarkable 27 years of experience within the industry. Her impressive credentials include multiple G.I.A. certifications: she is GIA certified in diamonds, colored stones, and pearls.
Jasmine's personal style is a harmonious blend of classic, conservative, simplicity, multicultural influences, and an easygoing demeanor. Her favored types of jewelry encompass diamond stud earrings, rare vintage pieces, and Swiss timepieces.
In her professional persona, Jasmine prides herself on being honest, reliable, and exceptionally knowledgeable.

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Jiny has been employed at H&H since 2002, with some brief periods of absence. Her journey in the jewelry industry commenced at the age of 18 when she initially joined a wholesaler before later joining H&H.
Over the years, Jiny has honed her expertise and has achieved the Diamonds Essential certification from G.I.A. She is currently in the process of furthering her knowledge by studying Diamonds and Diamond Grading.
In terms of style, Jiny embodies fashion, elegance, chicness, class, and sophistication. She is particularly drawn to the designs of Deco, Victorian, and Edwardian jewelry, with a special affection for rings and necklaces.
In describing herself, Jiny characterizes her professional demeanor as being detail-oriented and patient.

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Ximena's dedicated jewelry career has been exclusively with H&H for a little over 8 years. She holds the Diamonds Essential certificate from G.I.A. and is actively pursuing further certifications within the field.

Ximena's personal style is characterized as trendy, professional, glamorous, and marked by a penchant for neat and clean aesthetics. Her passion for jewelry encompasses all types, with a particular affinity for fashion-forward and modern pieces.

In her professional interactions, Ximena embodies a friendly and attentive demeanor. She takes pride in her keen attention to detail and exceptional listening skills.