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 How do I sell my timepiece?

The allure of second-hand timepieces grows yearly. People shop them to save money, start a treasure hunting adventure, or even acquire models that have gone out of production.

This might give you the idea of selling a timepiece to invest in a new purchase. Whatever the reason why you have decided to sell, we answer our customers' most common questions about selling timepieces in this article with quick and easy answers.

Can I sell my timepiece to a jewelry store?

Yes! It is quite simple: schedule an appointment and take your timepiece to your trusted jewelry store. The jewelry store is under no obligation to purchase your timepiece, and you are under no obligation to sell it. Still, they will help you understand its value and why it is suitable for selling or not.

If you do have an exciting piece, this is the most favorable solution since jewelry stores will evaluate, buy it from you, and then entirely handle resales. It is a profitable and stress-free solution.

When you choose a jewelry store known for its seriousness and honesty, you can rest assured they offer the best quote you can get on a timepiece.

How do I know if my timepiece is worth money?

Here are some specifications that might work in your favor:

• Your timepiece still works
• The brand is recognized
• You know the year of manufacturing
• Your timepiece appears new
• You have the original warranty with a reference number

Find the reference number and do a quick search of reference, model, brand, and year of production. You will easily find many details about what people have to say of the specific model you have and its marketing price.

This might give you some insight into whether you really want to sell the timepiece and how much money it is worth. H&H Jewelers provide a list of timepiece brands that are easier to sell and get paid immediately.

Is a broken timepiece worth anything?

Interestingly enough, some people enjoy wearing broken timepieces! And not only that, but luxury watches are built with rich materials (gold, silver, platinum, and precious stones) that can add value even when they do not work.

Something else to consider is that you may not know that a quick fix could bring a timepiece back to life, so it is always prudent to have it checked before dismissing it, or worse, throwing it away.

The advice here is clear, never decide before hearing an expert's opinion first. You may lose a good deal and never even know!

How do I sell my vintage timepiece?

Just like with any luxury watch, if you suspect your timepiece is a vintage, you can start by looking up how much desirability it involves. Rarity is an element that increases value, and so is the period where it belongs and if it is somewhat intact.

In other words, if you find out that you do have a desirable piece, it should also meet other requirements so that you can indeed receive a fantastic return from selling it. Standards vary from mint to excellent , then good , and finally fair.

At this point, you may ask, "Do people really care about vintage pieces?" You'd be surprised. The market demand for collectibles is a peculiar and intense avenue. At certain points, even a timepiece case or jewel box have become highly desired.
Now, if you have not found much about the timepiece you have and would truly love an honest
assessment, go to a trusted jewelry store. Find a place that has been on the market for a long
time, with artisans that know the history of timepieces and are truly passionate about
watchmaking. They will offer you all the comfort you need.

Steer clear of scams

Think about it this way: if the golden rule when buying a luxury timepiece is to check distributors and retailers approved by the brand, why should we go somewhere else when trying to sell it back?

Jewelry stores are certified for a reason. They have credibility and repute with their customers and with big timepiece houses. When you go to a gold buyer, you might be putting all this security in jeopardy.

Avoid any type of online transactions where you mail a timepiece anywhere. With the increase of internet business transactions, the number of scams with promises to send your payment once they see your precious piece has only increased.

The problem with selling a timepiece on the internet is that the websites "purchasing" them are seldom trackable.
Do not be satisfied with an appraisal with only photographs. Show your timepiece to an expert
jewelry maker. Timepieces have good value. You have invested your time and money in one, so
learn with a specialist, especially if what you have is a timepiece passed on from someone important.

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