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Sell your Diamonds

Selling diamonds is an excellent opportunity to make a profit in times of crisis and economic hardship. The value of diamonds is continuously increasing, making them a valuable investment.
With the growing risk in the markets, the search for investment alternatives increases. In such scenarios, the world looks for the advantages of commodities: by reselling your diamond, you will have made a safe transaction.
This article covers diamonds’ sale with experts and what you need to know about diamonds to guarantee the best prices.

How can I sell my diamond?

Selling a diamond accompanied by a certificate is the easiest way to sell it. The gemological certification issued by international gemological institutes certifies the stone’s authenticity and characteristics to establish its real value on the market.

On the other hand, if you have a diamond without a certificate, you can analyze the gem with trusted jewelers or even send it to a gemological institute. 

Remember, when you ask for a quote, there is still time to change your mind and the jewelry store has no obligation of following with the purchase of your diamond. Excellent service, however, will always let you know why a specific diamond is not suitable to be purchased at a certain point in time. 

What is a diamond certificate?

A diamond certificate works as the "identity card" of diamonds. All possible elements are reported and described, and identifiable on the gem in question.

Generally, diamonds used in commercial jewels come accompanied by a certificate in which the characteristics of the jewel you are buying are indicated.

Where to sell a diamond?

Reliable jewelry stores will quote your diamond and pay it directly, ensuring maximum privacy and transparency. They will also facilitate it if you are looking to upgrade a jewel and use a diamond as part of the payment.

If you want to know the diamond’s value and then sell it immediately, make an appointment with a trustworthy jewelry store near you.
Expert gemologists will guarantee trustworthy evaluations, based on the diamond market's official parameters, the so-called 4Cs.

How much can I sell my diamond for?

A diamond evaluation will consider the 4Cs main parameters: carat (weight), color, clarity (purity), and cut. Bear in mind that each gem has its characteristics and uniqueness. It is only the four 4Cs combined that will allow you to get the best quotes for it:


The more carats a diamond has, the more the cost increases, not proportionally but exponentially, since larger diamonds are rarer and desirable. Two diamonds of the same karat weight can have very different values and very different prices, depending on the other three factors of the 4Cs.


The diamond color grading system is a scale ranging from D to Z and measures the degree of absence of color. For the evaluation, the stone is placed under controlled lighting, in precise viewing conditions, and compared with master stones, which are touchstones for the exact color classification.


This parameter refers to the absence of inclusions and marks. Natural diamonds are the result of carbon exposed to the heat and pressure found deep within the earth. This process can produce various internal characteristics called "inclusions" and external features called "spots" on the diamond.
Evaluating the diamond’s clarity involves determining the number, size, nature, and position of these inclusions. And how they affect the appearance of the stone.


Diamonds are renowned for their intense light and brilliance. The cut (round, emerald, oval, marquise, pear, etc.) is one of the essential diamond characteristics. The better the diamond cut with precise angles, the more light it can reflect inside the stone, enhancing its brilliance.
It is important to remember that the value of a diamond is determined using the evaluation of all 4Cs, not just the karat weight.

It is important to remember that the value of a diamond is determined using the evaluation of all 4Cs, not just the karat weight.

If my diamond is attached to jewelry, can I sell it?

Yes. Depending on the jewel you have, it might be more interesting to sell it as a whole piece. But you can still have a single diamond checked.
The advantage here is that you can make some profit, refresh your style and wardrobe, or even use the amount to better invest in new pieces that better fit this season of your life.

Where is the best place to sell my diamond in Miami, FL?

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient jewelry store to sell your diamonds in Miami, H&H is the right place.
H&H Jewels buys your diamonds with utmost privacy and confidentiality. Our diamond purchasing business has satisfied numerous customers who have collected the best possible valuation for selling diamonds and jewelry in Miami.
H&H is proud to serve the Coconut Grove community because our quality is inextricably linked to transparency and safety. We are available to evaluate and purchase single diamonds or entire private collections. If you wish to sell a diamond, we will provide a gemological survey free of charge.
Our team is highly specialized in the quotation of diamonds and precious stones with sophisticated equipment. We are at your complete disposal. If you would like more explanations or clarifications on the particularities of selling diamonds, write to us, and we will do our best to solve your doubts.
To further guarantee the protection of our customers, schedule an appointment with H&H Jewels by e-mail ( or phone number: (305) 442-9760.


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