Batu Classic Chain Lapis Blue Lazuli Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Size Medium
Transform any look with elegance with this exquisite John Hardy Batu Classic Chain Collection bracelet. Crafted with sterling silver, theclassic chain is set with a stunning Lapis Blue Lazuli pusher to complete the classic design. 
  • John Hardy Batu Classic Chain Collection
  • Bracelet
  • Extra Small 5mm Chain
  • Sterling Silver 
  • Lapis Blue Lazuli Pusher
  • Size Medium
SKU: 16972

John Hardy is a luxury jewelry brand that was founded in 1975 by Canadian artist and designer John Hardy. The company is known for its handcrafted, artisanal jewelry inspired by nature and traditional Balinese techniques. John Hardy has gained global recognition for its commitment to sustainable practices and its unique designs.

One of the hallmarks of John Hardy jewelry is the "Classic Chain" design, which has become an iconic symbol of the brand. The Classic Chain is a hand-woven technique that involves interlocking individual links to form a flexible and durable chain. It requires precision and skill, often taking months to complete a single piece. The Classic Chain design is present in many of John Hardy's collections and serves as a representation of the brand's commitment to artistry and craftsmanship.