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How to sell your Jewelry?

For one reason or another, sometimes it's time to part with precious jewels. It could be that you inherited something that's not your taste or maybe you want some extra cash for that trip
to Paris or you simply want to change your style and give your jewelry box a complete makeover. Either one it can make you wonder: What's the best way to sell my jewelry?
Having an appraisal can help you make decisions because it can help you assess a jewel compared to what is in the market.
Here are some tips and info on how to sell jewelry!

Can I sell my jewelry to a jewelry store?

Absolutely! Contact serious companies that are trustworthy
and specialized in buying jewelry. Look for jewelry stores that
are licensed in the trade register and read through their reviews.
This way, your transaction remains safe and you have  some
peace of mind.
While jewelry stores hold no obligation to purchase your items, H&H Jewels will always keep you informed on why your jewelry might not be fit to be bought at a certain point in time and
whether it's in your best interest to hold on to it for a little
while depending on the current market.
It is simple and heartache free: No appointment necessary!
Come on by any time before 5 to receive an expert evaluation.
We are licensed and part of commerce-related organizations
and have been helping customers sell their jewelry for more
than three decades.
If you're in the Miami area and wish to have your jewelry
evaluated in Coconut Grove, give us a call at (305) 442-9760.
H&H Jewels is the go-to spot in South Florida for selling gold
and luxury timepieces.

How much can I sell
my jewelry for?

It all depends on the jewelry itself! As you can imagine, a designer piece of jewelry and a simple or broken piece of jewelry will not trade in the same way.
It is fundamental to understand the difference between the estimated value and the purchase price of a piece of jewelry.
An estimate will show the theoretical market value (replacement value for insurance, for example), and that is not the buyback amount a buyer is willing to pay. There will always be a
gap between the two.
If you own a diamond of modern cut that does not have a certificate, we advise you to have it certified by one of the gemological laboratories like the Gemological Institute of America.
This may cost you a little, but it is worth it because you will know precisely which diamond you own, and you will be able to
determine its resale value accurately.

Beware of scams

The most widely scammed jewelry buy-back system is mail order. The principle is that you send your jewels in secure envelopes, and after an appraisal, the company offers you a certain amount, and the jewels would be returned to you if you disagree with the price.
The scam is that these companies are impossible to trace. Know
to recognize that this type of approach represents risks; many problems can arise during all phases of the deal.

The most secure way is to go to a physical jewelry store where you can see an evaluation take place and choose a site that is recognized by the community and has good references and testimonials.
Click here to see how H&H is a part of the community in
Miami, FL.

Why is Diamond resale value so low?

Real diamonds are bought at a specific price, and when it's time to resell, this price drops considerably. Selling diamonds well is not easy because the commissions that the intermediaries retain are usually high and burn a lot of what you initially spend on them.
Also, there is no high demand in the second-hand market for small-carat diamonds. The prices of diamonds are not easily comparable, as there are many types, classifications, and categories of diamonds.
Generally, today’s repurchase prices are between forty and seventy percent off the Rapport price, depending on how rare your diamond is. All these make the recovery price low.

Trying to sell it to diamond dealers will make the resale price drop even more because they trade in large quantities. If you know a business that works ethically, then it is the right place for you.

Seek a qualified jewelry store like H&H to evaluate your diamonds. We have been working in the sector for years and know the field of precious stones like the back of our hands.

How do I know if my jewelry is valuable?

A simple eye exam is not enough to evaluate a jewel, but here are some signs you might have something precious in your hands:
Hallmarks are marks left on the jewelry by the manufacturer. They provide valuable information about jewelry, including brands and precious metals. It can be found on the inside of a ring or
bracelet, for example.

There are simple tips to tell if stones are diamonds or not. A magnifying glass test should show imperfections to get you started. A diamond
will always be tightly nested with prongs that look like tiny
nails keeping it in place.

Learning more about different metals and their characteristics might help you identify if your gold is genuine gold and if so, is it 14k or 18k? See our metal education page for more.

The simplest solution remains this: seek jewelry expertise. While there are ways to get an idea of the value of a piece of jewelry, this is a vast field that only professionals can fully evaluate.

How old a piece of jewelry is; how rare; what house or craftsman has fashioned it; what is the demand on the market: all these parameters play an essential role in the valuation of jewelry.

If you want to sell jewelry quickly and worry-free, you can simply ask H&H for expertise. H&H Jewels has provided professional trades in
the jewelry market of Miami, Florida, since 1989. Bring us the
treasures you would like to sell.

*An added bonus: You can also trade in your old jewelry for credit towards a new piece of jewelry from us!*



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