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Engagement Rings and why they win the hearts of all

An engagement ring is immortalized, full of affective values that symbolize indissoluble bonds between people. 

Not everything about these rings concerns the precious materials that compose them. There are many good reasons to propose with an engagement ring.

The joy of attaching such a symbol to a moment will somehow extend your existence forever, giving it your story to last as long as jewels do.


Engagement rings date back to Egyptians and Greeks, especially with the rise of precious metals. While the shape of rings has become much more incorporated, engagement rings have always worked as imprinting of the feelings of two people and their commitment to the other.
The appearance of engagement rings as we know them came into play by the end of the 15th century. Their central stone symbolizes the love and admiration that a man has for a woman.


Why propose?

Engagement rings are not exclusively an adorning object, they say much about what you want, and that you are not afraid of going for it. Ultimately, this ring will show that you were lucky enough to have found her, and you are confident it and in yourself. 
If a man shares every aspect of married couples with a woman and has not proposed, it reflects on you. 
Even though women are perfectly capable of proposing, the ritual loses a little of its magic if they do. 

When propose?

If you share values, have fun together, you see life the same way, if she has been helping you without fail, you love travailing together, and you overcome your fears when you are with her, you should be proposing right about now. 
Life isn’t easy, the chances of finding someone to share it with are even smaller.  If your other makes you laugh, then you have a good shot at happiness right in front of you. Grab it!

Engagement Rings Styles


A popular style of engagement ring that features a single diamond or gem. It has the meaning of representing the uniqueness of love.


Rings with three stones, gems or diamonds, embodying the concept of past, present, and future. 


A ring set with a continuous line of diamonds or gems. It symbolizes eternal love, which cannot be interrupted.

Two or three tone

These rings come in all styles, but the union of three different golds intersects, rose for love, yellow for fidelity, and white for friendship.


This ring symbolizes the union of two souls who complement each other, represented by the presence of two similar but not necessarily equal stones, positioned one in front of the other.


A ring of great visual impact, with a diamond or gem, surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds that influences and contribute to the size of the first.

Precious Stones

Choosing between the different precious stones available sometimes becomes difficult. Each represents a unique mineral, differs in color, transparency, luster, hardness, effect, and inclusions. But above all, each one carries symbolic meaning within it. 


are simply the hardest substance on earth. It comes as no surprise that diamonds have long been the symbol of invincibility and eternal love.


represent harmony, friendship, and loyalty. Blue is the best-known color, but sapphires can be found in yellow, pink, and green, among others.


 are as desired as diamonds and they are the ultimate symbol of hope, life, and were revered as “healing stones” in ancient civilizations. 


sit among the most precious stones on earth. Considered the stone of passionate love, rubies symbolize eternal devotion and romance. 

Maximize your budget

If you intend to give your future bride a large engagement ring, but two months of savings seem not enough, try to seek diamonds or gemstones with a larger upper face size: it might shine less, but it will certainly seem good in size. 
Looking for carats smaller than what you originally envisioned can be less perceptible to the eyes but can fit better with your budget. 
Halo styles or any styles where the center stone is flanked by smaller stones will always seem larger. 
The metal of the frame will also be relevant for saving: use for example white gold instead of platinum.


The metal will make a ring respond to certain imagery. Depending on the stone chosen—diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald—and the alloy, the meaning of the engagement ring may be completely different. 
The union of different tones of metals is no longer considered bad manners. This is the trendiest in the season. 
Mixed metals look bold when mixed. Besides, white and rose gold is interesting and fresh.
You can then opt for white, yellow, and rose gold engagement rings and even platinum is on the table. 
Consider the style of jewelry your soon-to-be fiancé usually wears and pick on a metal that will enhance the stone or diamond you choose. 


Do not underestimate the size of the ring finger of your future bride's left hand: the size of the engagement ring is not chosen with a guess. 
Find a way to “borrow”, for example, a ring that she doesn’t wear daily or ask your future mother-in-law to aid you. 
The size of a ring can be adjusted most of the time, but with the tenderness in the request, you always want it to fit, so make sure you get it right. 

Find help

The engagement ring is one of the key pieces in any wedding request. The positive answer is strengthened through this unique piece that will make you the most special person for her.
There are multiple styles and sizes for engagement rings and they should be chosen to take into consideration your tastes but also what is available in the market.
Turn only to those professionals who do not cause doubts about their professionalism and competence and who understand the richness and depth of an engagement ring choice.
If you are in Miami, FL, trust H&H, the jewelry store making dreams come true for more than thirty years in Florida.  


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