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  1. Tiffany & Co. Three Stone Diamond Estate Engagement Ring

    This Tiffany & Co. engagement ring is crafted in platinum and features three dazzling prong set diamonds. The center gemstone is graded F-VVS1 and weighs .51ct. It is flanked by two scintillating diamonds graded F-VVS1 weighing .26cts and .25cts.
  2. H. Collection 3.04 Carat Roun Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

    Leave her suspended in a dream with this beautiful platinum engagement ring. Two tapered baguette side stones, with a total weight of 0.34 carat (F/G/VS), draw the eye toward the remarkable 3.04 carat center diamond (H/VS1/G/VG/G; GIA #2131671902).
  3. H. Collection Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Gold Engagement Ring with Halo

    Sixteen pieces of diamonds weighing 0.13 carats pave set in halo, enclose a remarkable 0.55 carat round brilliant cut diamond (F/G/VS; GIA# 31231822). Enrapture her in a brilliant mosaic of color as splinters of light glimmer in this exquisite 18 karat white gold engagement ring.
  4. H. Collection 3.17 Fancy Yellow and Half Moon-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

    Designed for the woman who is the light of your life. A luminous, awe-inspiring 3.17 carat fancy yellow diamond set at center ( SI1/EX/VG;GIA #517599400), radiates a warmth and vibrancy that draws one in. Platinum and 18 karat white gold act as the sky as two half moon-shaped diamonds (Total Weight= 0.82 carat; F/VS), affixed at each shoulder, creates a magnetism equal to the gravitational pull of the moon. Ten pieces of diamonds in bead bright setting (Total Weight= 0.34 carat [F/G/VS]) fall like shooting stars down the milgrain shank of this engagement ring, bursting in a celestial treasure that she will cherish for many moons to come.
  5. H. Collection 0.75 Carat Old Mine Cut Diamond Gold Engagement Ring

    This 0.75 carat Old mine cut diamond (I/J/VS2) is shaped into a high crown with a small table, a round to somewhat rectangular girdle with a deep pavilion, and a large faceted culet, which allow the sparkle to resound in this 18 karat white gold engagement ring. Nineteen pieces of single cut diamonds form the halo of this stunning ring and focuses attention on the magnificence of this vintage-style diamond. A return to yesteryear with a new feel.
  6. H. Collection Classic Diamond and Platinum Engagement Ring

    Make a simple, elegant and timeless statement with this solitaire and pave set diamond engagement ring. Fourteen pieces of diamonds, with a total weight of 0.23 carat, are pave set from shoulder to shank- accentuating the 1.01 carat Round Brilliant Cut diamond.
  7. H. Collection 1.04 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

    This 18 karat palladium, bezel set, 1.04 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring (J/SI2) embodies the essence of simplistic and tasteful elegance. Leave her breathless with this GIA certified diamond- it is a cut above the rest (GIA #1156969078).
  8. H. Collection Princess Cut 1.70ct Diamond Engagement Ring

    Crafted in platinum, this engagement ring features a 1.70ct H VVS2 Princess cut diamond. The solitaire diamond is set in a pave prong design. The ring is complete with .21ct of fine G/H VS diamonds set pave on each prong for elevated beauty.
  9. H. Collection H & H 1.10 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Gold Ornate Basket Engagement Ring

    Fourteen pieces of diamonds weighing 0.11 carats (I/J/VS) pave set, embellish the basket of the alluring 1.11 carat round brilliant cut center diamond (GIA #1156589399). J in color and VS2 in clarity, this 18 karat white gold ring shimmers with subtle hints of eye-catching sparkle.
  10. H. Collection Old Mine Cushion Cut Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

    This beautiful and nostalgic Art Deco platinum ring captivates the eye with a bold 1.95 carat old mine cushion cut diamond (L/M/SI1) set at center. The geometry and symmetry of the diamond are enhanced by 0.80 carat of blue sapphire and 0.05 carat of diamond. The decorative adornment of filigree work instantaneously transports one to the splendidly self-indulgent era of the 1920s and 1930s. A piece that will endure the decades.
  11. H & H Collection Halo Diamond Platinum Split Shank Engagement Ring

    An engagement ring that inspires the grandeur and elegance of a fairytale. 1.62 carats of round diamonds (G/H/VS) pave set in halo style encircle a remarkable 5.01 carat diamond (J/I1/VG/VG/VG- GIA #2161969856) at center stone that flickers with light and draws one’s gaze back to the middle. The pave set diamonds cascade down a platinum splint shank, adding to the extraordinary design and artistry of this majestic engagement ring.
  12. H. Collection Solitaire 1.27ct Diamond Engagement Ring

    Crafted in platinum, this engagement ring features a stunning 1.27ct round brilliant cut center diamond graded D-VS2. The center diamond is GIA certified and EX,VG EX cut. The ring is enhanced with .15ct of diamond pave trailing down the shank that creates a beautiful and eye catching look.
  13. H. Collection 0.59 Carat GIA Diamond Rose and White Gold Engagement Ring

    Enjoy the refined charm and grace of this 18 karat rose gold and white gold ring. A dazzling 0.59 carat round brilliant cut diamond (H/SI1; GIA #6157588930) in white gold bezel is set at center as a solitaire. While the warmth of the rose gold band enraptures the beholder. An unconventional engagement ring that is understated but makes a statement.
  14. H. Collection Three Stone Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

    Crafted in platinum, this ring features three stones-one for the past, one for the present and one for the future. The center stone is a .94ct J-SI1 GIA certified Old European cut diamond flanked by two diamonds weighing a total of .45ct graded J-VS1.
  15. H. Collection Handmade Old Mine Cushion Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

    This handmade platinum engagement ring features a 0.44 carat old mine cushion cut diamond at center (J/VS2), with eighteen pieces of old European diamonds pave set (J/VS2; total weight: 0.23 carats) with milgrain work accentuation.
  16. H. Collection 0.43 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

    This charming 18 karat palladium engagement ring features a 0.43 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond at center (G/H/VS1), encircled by a halo comprised of nineteen pieces of diamond (Total weight: 0.10 carat) pave set. This is a ring that endures.
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Showing 16 out of 135 products

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