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  1. H. Collection 0.74 Carat GIA Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring - 16626

    With the appearance of an Old Mine Cushion cut diamond, this 0.74 round brilliant cut diamond (I/WS2: GIA #2141876223) surprises and excites with transcendent elegance in this platinum engagement ring. Thirty pieces of diamonds pave set (total weight 0.24 carat; G/H/VS) on shoulder and around floating bezel further highlight the milgrain handwork around the perimeter. An engagement that will leave her in awe.
  2. H. Collection 0.40 Carat Round Brilliant Cut and Baguette Diamond White Gold Engagement Ring - 15070

    This 14 karat white gold ring features a 0.40 carat round brilliant cut diamond at center; while two pieces of baguette cut diamonds, weighing a total of 0.25 carat, are set at the shoulder on both sides of the shank to enhance the allure of the lovely center diamond.
  3. H. Collection Captivating Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Gold Engagement Ring - 14290

    Warm, rich rose gold smolders with luxury in this 14 karat rose gold 0.65 carat round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring. Twenty-one pieces of diamonds pave set (weighing 0.08 carats [G/H/VS]) adorn the striking 0.65 carat round brilliant cut diamond (G/VS1). The hue of Rose gold often deepens with time- adding to the genteel quality and symbolism of this romantic and charming engagement ring. This is a piece representing the strength of fidelity and love, the warmth and romanticism of marriage, and the promise of a lasting relationship that only gets better with time.
  4. H. Collection 1.04 Carat Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Halo - 15737

    This 18 karat palladium engagement ring features a 1.04 carat antique cushion cut diamond (J/SI2; GIA#1156969078)in bezel set at center with milgrain work at the perimeter. Round diamonds are pave set in halo surrounding the center diamond. Additional filigree handwork from bridge to gallery, seals the romanticism, elegance and charm of this special piece.
  5. H. Collection Semi-Bezel Princess Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring - 04027

    An engagement ring for a bold and decisive woman. Geometry in symmetry meld together in a fluid arrangement as round, square, and rectangle shapes merge seamlessly. A 0.59 carat princess cut diamond (I/VS1; GIA#10364476) affixed in a semi-bezel at center.
  6. H. Collection 1.81 Carat Old Mine Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring - 16792

    This platinum engagement ring is for the woman with impeccable taste, an appreciation for luxury and a unique personality. The ring features a one-of-a-kind 1.81 carat old mine antique cushion cut diamond at center (K/SI1; GIA # 21611008030).
  7. H. Collection 0.52 Carat Carre Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - 14752

    An engagement ring that reflects the perfection you see in her. This 18 karat white gold ring features a 0.52 carat Carre cut diamond at center (G/H/VS; 4.50 mm x 4.45 mm). Carre cut diamonds are those rough diamonds that have a pyramid shape with sides and facets of equal size- much like her, it is the perfect shape. Twelve pieces of diamonds (Total weight = 0.10 carats), pave set in paisley-shaped clusters on the shank and milgrain work on the perimeter, further enhance the ethereal quality of this engagement ring.
  8. H. Collection 1.26 Carat GIA Cert Natural Light Yellow Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring - 16261

    This sweet and delicate platinum design embodies pure femininity with graceful scalloping and milgrain craftsmanship. The 1.26 carat light yellow oval cut diamond is GIA graded W to X I2 and is cradled in .45 carats of old European cut diamonds.
  9. H. Collection 0.76 Emerald Step Cut Diamond Solitaire Platinum Engagement Ring - 11959

    An engagement that will certainly draw the attention of on-lookers. The 0.76 emerald step cut diamond solitaire (E/VS1: GIA #2141866949) and platinum ring is for the woman who prefers a less conventional and more unique diamond shape.
  10. H. Collection Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Gold Engagement Ring with Halo - 14348

    Sixteen pieces of diamonds weighing 0.13 carats pave set in halo, enclose a remarkable 0.55 carat round brilliant cut diamond (F/G/VS; GIA# 31231822). Enrapture her in a brilliant mosaic of color as splinters of light glimmer in this exquisite 18 karat white gold engagement ring.
  11. H. Collection 3.17 Fancy Yellow and Half Moon-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring - 16992

    Designed for the woman who is the light of your life. A luminous, awe-inspiring 3.17 carat fancy yellow diamond set at center ( SI1/EX/VG;GIA #517599400), radiates a warmth and vibrancy that draws one in. Platinum and 18 karat white gold act as the sky as two half moon-shaped diamonds (Total Weight= 0.82 carat; F/VS), affixed at each shoulder, creates a magnetism equal to the gravitational pull of the moon. Ten pieces of diamonds in bead bright setting (Total Weight= 0.34 carat [F/G/VS]) fall like shooting stars down the milgrain shank of this engagement ring, bursting in a celestial treasure that she will cherish for many moons to come.
  12. H. Collection 0.75 Carat Old Mine Cut Diamond Gold Engagement Ring - 14891

    This 0.75 carat Old mine cut diamond (I/J/VS2) is shaped into a high crown with a small table, a round to somewhat rectangular girdle with a deep pavilion, and a large faceted culet, which allow the sparkle to resound in this 18 karat white gold engagement ring. Nineteen pieces of single cut diamonds form the halo of this stunning ring and focuses attention on the magnificence of this vintage-style diamond. A return to yesteryear with a new feel.
  13. H. Collection Classic Diamond and Platinum Engagement Ring - 16326

    Make a simple, elegant and timeless statement with this solitaire and pave set diamond engagement ring. Fourteen pieces of diamonds, with a total weight of 0.23 carat, are pave set from shoulder to shank- accentuating the 1.01 carat Round Brilliant Cut diamond.
  14. H. Collection 1.04 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring - 15736

    This 18 karat palladium, bezel set, 1.04 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring (J/SI2) embodies the essence of simplistic and tasteful elegance. Leave her breathless with this GIA certified diamond- it is a cut above the rest (GIA #1156969078).
  15. H. Collection Old Mine Cushion Cut Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring - 16262

    This beautiful and nostalgic Art Deco platinum ring captivates the eye with a bold 1.95 carat old mine cushion cut diamond (L/M/SI1) set at center. The geometry and symmetry of the diamond are enhanced by 0.80 carat of blue sapphire and 0.05 carat of diamond. The decorative adornment of filigree work instantaneously transports one to the splendidly self-indulgent era of the 1920s and 1930s. A piece that will endure the decades.
  16. H. Collection Three Stone Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - 16129

    Crafted in platinum, this ring features three stones-one for the past, one for the present and one for the future. The center stone is a .94ct J-SI1 GIA certified Old European cut diamond flanked by two diamonds weighing a total of .45ct graded J-VS1.
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Showing 16 out of 195 products

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Engagement rings in Coconut Groove FL

When you are planning to become engaged to be married, choosing engagement rings in Coconut Groove FL is a big decision. You want a ring that expresses your style and the unique bond that you share together. Whether you are choosing the ring as a surprise or going together to choose the right band, setting and stone, we invite you to visit us at HH Jewels. We have a wide selection of engagement rings in Coconut Groove FL for every style preference. From platinum to yellow, rose and white gold bands and settings, you can choose the material that you like. We have traditional diamond settings in different sizes, colors and cuts. We also have unique engagement rings that feature other types of gemstones. Visit us at HH Jewels for a personalized ring shopping experience.


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