When you consider​​ selling your gold jewelry, one of the first questions that come to mind is where to go.

Our jewels and precious items deserve the highest possible price. Attempting to sell your jewelry through a website or second-hand shop cannot offer anything but minimum visibility in a sea of ​​offers.

If what you wish is to deal with able professionals to guide you and provide adequate guarantees, this article is for you.

where to sell gold jewelry

Can I sell my gold jewelry to a jewelry store?


Yes! To discover if you can sell your gold, just contact a jewelry store you feel you can trust and book an appointment to estimate your gold and jewels. Both sides hold no obligation at this stage, so if you change your mind at this step, no problem!   

Suppose you still want to transform your gold jewelry into cash. In that case, you need to find someone who is transparent, prepared, and courteous, and who has the absolute certainty of the updated gold price per gram.

To find the qualities above the best place to go to sell your jewels is a trusted jewelry store in your area. Jewelry stores specialize in the purchase of gold. Plus their professionalism for this service will always be higher than that of gold buyers!

Gold buyers will not be looking to establish a long relationship of trust with you like your local jeweler, and because of that, you can be much more susceptible to scams and unethical services.

How much can I sell my gold jewelry for?


To define the real value in the gold of a used gold jewel, we make use of both the gold karat weight and the current gold prices, concluded from constant monitoring of the market. 

Another aspect of determining the gold price of gold jewelry is its weight. These three aspects, gold karat, daily gold price, and gold weight, are the key elements to give the gold object a correct value.

How do Presidential Elections affect gold prices?


Election years have always affected the price of gold to some extent. The curve usually has a pick before elections—making it the time to sell gold—then a drop appears right after elections. 

There are other factors into play like bank purchases, inflation, and the demand for gold. We can still connect the pattern for metals and elections to the speculation and uncertainty that elections generate. The math here is simple: look to sell your gold when the price paid is higher.

How do I know if my gold jewelry is valuable?


Weight. Gold jewelry is supposed to feel solid. Hold a piece that you are sure is made of gold in one hand and the one you are thinking of selling in the other: they should feel similar. 

Color. Rings, bracelets, and necklaces should have a uniform color. If you see other shades on certain parts of your jewel, it might have simply been bathed in noble metals but not be made of gold.

Quality. Jewelry made in gold should have an excellent finish; even when the design looks dated, the quality should still surprise you. If you have parts of a jewel coming off or showing glue, they may not be worth much.

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Where to sell gold jewelry in Miami, Florida?


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