what is state jewelry

The definition of Estate Jewelry

Estate Jewelry can be defined as any jewelry that has had an owner for any period of time. If a jewel is not brand new, it is estate jewelry. Even if it was manufactured a month ago.

The term is often confused with vintage and even antique jewelry, but while vintage or antique are always estate, not every estate jewel will be antique or vintage.

To be classified as antique, a jewel needs to be over 100 years old, likewise, vintage jewels must be at least twenty-five years old.

How to determine the value of estate jewelry?

To get the best possible deals when appraising estate jewelry, you should know as much as you can about the piece in your possession: documents, certificates, old photographs, and any details passed on from former owners are good starting points. Engravings and labels are always a bonus.

Now, if you suspect you have an antique piece in your hands, keep an eye out for the features belonging to the eras most coveted by collectors:


Jewelry from this period was made by hand. Stylistic motifs from this period were often inspired by nature: flowers, leaves, ivy, but also snakes were often used as symbols for a deeper concept.

Cameos and large brooches were popular. The quality in the cut of stones was lower on average, and rubies, emeralds, and diamonds were frequent choices. Medallions and bracelets with “secret” compartments were trendy for keeping hair locks and such.

Art Nouveau

The modern style completely blew the jewelry world with its artistic tastes. The formalism of diamonds was replaced by soft colors of opals, tourmalines, moonstones, and aquamarines. Enamel was a favorite technique.

Art Nouveau boldly depicted beautiful and mysterious naked fairies and nymphs. Floral and animal motives became another theme of this style. Keep an eye out for butterflies, insects, animals, nature detailed in full and free of reproach.


An era characterized by elegance and lightness. Edwardian jewelry was an experiment in fragility and a combination of graceful forms, achieving a lacy effect thanks to delicate metalwork.

Center stones were often large and attractive gemstones. Pearls and platinum were widely used in Edwardian jewelry.

Popular patterns and style effects for the jewelry of this era included bows and ribbons, moon and stars, flowers, garlands, leaves, shamrocks, scrolls, and hearts.

Art Deco

Art Deco was the era of geometric shapes, right angles, lines, circles, and typographic colors. Cubism manifested in its purest form here. Wristwatches caused a sensation. Clear lines of flat ornamental patterns, black and white palettes with diamonds beside black onyx were in vogue.

Elongated silhouettes of brooches with pearls, large sapphires, triangular emeralds, and pendants with carved rock crystal can all indicate you might have an Art Deco piece in your hands.

How to sell estate jewelry

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