Do you know which jewels are the most important to have in your collection? These essential accessories help you boost your natural beauty with luxury and creativity. A well put together outfit isn't complete until it is adequately endorsed with a jewel.

We know combining clothes and jewelry can be confusing. That's why it's essential to have classic pieces that work well with all types of clothing!

If you're looking to brush up on your accessory skills, here's a list of jewelry every woman should own. These are not jewel pieces that are trendy today and gone next year. No, these are timeless treasures that can help you elevate your every outfit!

6 classic pieces of jewelry

Pearl jewelry

Bet on earrings, pendants, and necklaces made with pearls when you want instant glamour. A pearl necklace can help transform an outfit from bland to sophisticated in a matter of seconds. Pearls are valued for their hypnotic luster, and the classic string necklace is a favorite of celebrities and queens.

Pearls are graceful and feminine. Use them to exude class and subtle extravagance to the world. Wear pearls close to your heart for an upscale appearance. Pearls are the perfect way to improve any outfit, from a formal suit to an overnight dress.

Long necklace

In addition to its chic allure, long necklaces add length to your figure. Use necklaces as the centerpiece of your ensemble, and they will help you create classic and bold combinations worthy of a runway.

Station, pendant, and bar necklaces look wonderful over solid color blouses–take advantage of the beautiful contrast. A simple chain with a pendant is an essential piece of jewelry.

Solitaire ring

Is there anything more delicate and feminine than a solitaire ring? Timeless solitaire rings have been a success of class and elegance for long years. Wearing these will confer light and charm to your beautiful hands.

You can also wear solitaire rings for exuberant combinations. Solitaire rings are perfect for glamorous evenings. You can choose an outsized and chic model in gold or platinum and add a luminous point to your outfits.

Chain Bracelet

These glimmering beauties will be the highlight of any look with a subtle shine. Chain bracelets create an elegant aura with delicate details along the chain. Chain bracelets signify an essential touch that reflects a woman who cares about herself in the details.

Pamper yourself with chain bracelets, you deserve to have them give off the light every time you move your wrists.

Small earrings

Small earrings are the go-to jewelry every time we have a primary piece working as an accent. You can wear small earrings on their own or with longer drop earrings as well.

They will be your best friends! You can adapt small earrings as radiant points of light. Sometimes, our massive accessories have to wait for the right occasion; small earrings, however, are versatile and fun to play with on any day!

They are perfect for a casual outing and also shine on weekends when you dress up. Small jewel earrings are absolutely gorgeous for dinner dates and family gatherings.

Custom Jewelry

Tell us which jewels you choose, and we will tell you who you are! Customized jewels are the most personalized pieces you will ever wear, and nothing will help you feel more confident.

A customized piece of jewelry makes any woman feel empowered and bring out the strengths in her character. Customized jewelry comes in all shapes. You can wear engraved pieces or jewels made with family heirlooms with a vintage, personalized touch.

Customized jewelry will have the size, stones, and metal you love all in a single piece. Let your imagination go and design your precious jewels to adorn your body and reflect your personality and character.

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