5 tips for selling your state jewelry

Estate jewelry has a value that depends on the market demand and often comes in limited varieties. These characteristics make them unique and unobtainable pieces of great prestige, like those worn by celebrities or treasured by enthusiastic collectors.

While these jewels are commonly handed down from generation to generation, preserved as relics, and striking for their charm and history, many people wonder how to sell Estate jewelry.

The reasons are many: they are no longer in use, or they do not have a style we would like to wear, and sometimes their owners see their profitable side. In this article, we list five tips that will help you in the process of selling Estate Jewelry.

1. Make sure you are ready to part with your jewelry

Estate jewelry, especially when inherited from loved ones, has a symbolic value that goes beyond a matter of preferences. They can represent care and devotion and evoke our most treasured memories.

If you are uneasy about parting with a piece, it is better to wait a little more.

Estate Jewelry is in vogue right now, so our tip is, if you have a piece that doesn’t match your style, you can find a complimenting piece that is more you and wear them together as a set. This way, you don’t need to part with unique family heirlooms and still show your true style.

2. Sell your Estate jewelry to a trusted jewelry store

One of the most frequent inquiries H&H Jewels experts receive is about the safest way to sell Estate Jewelry. Here is the definite answer: turning to qualified places is essential for a correct evaluation of the jewel and a fair offer proportional to its value and conditions.

There is no way around it. If you take Estate jewelry to buyers who do not have expertise in Estate, vintage, and antique pieces, you might not even know what you truly have in your hands.

Estate jewelry must be entrusted to experts, as they are the most suitable and equipped people to appraise your jewelry. Jewelry appraisal requires attention and must not be left in the wrong hands. It’s important to leave it in the hands of the most knowledgeable and experienced staff you could find.

3. Discover if your jewelry is valuable

An essential step in selling Estate jewelry is a preliminary evaluation of the jewel you would like to sell.

Study the story of your jewel. Ask questions in the family or inquire about the person who has given it to you. Check if there are precious stones or diamonds in it. Never dismantle an Estate jewel before taking it for evaluation.

Estate jewels of historical value will be worth much more if preserved. Take care of your jewelry as well as you can. Even though some Estate jewelry is made with low karat gold and silver, real jewelry always feels dense. Look at the shape, color, and luster from every possible angle.

4. Get the best value for your Estate Jewelry

The presence of certain brands or exceptional origins can enrich the appraisal results. Therefore, the date of origin and production of the product will be your allies.

When it comes to antique or vintage jewelry, know the characteristics to be evaluated. Antique pieces are 100 years old and up, while vintage jewelry varies from 50 to 100 years old.

Considering the various historical periods, there are specific artistic styles that increase the value of jewels and their popularity. Among the most valuable antique jewels on the market, you should always keep an eye out for the Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco, and the Retro periods. You can see more about the history of classic jewelry periods at H&H Jewels about page.

5. Visit H&H Jewels, a Jewelry store in Miami, FL

H&H Jewels has a team of experts that has been analyzing and buying Estate Jewelry in Miami for more than 30 years. Bring your Estate jewelry to our store, and we will quote it for you.

Our artisans and gemologists know every type of Estate jewelry and estimate its value according to the characteristics and style to which it belongs. We evaluate each jewel with extreme competence and professionalism. Book an appointment through email (info@hhjewels.com) or call us at (305) 442-9760.